The Our Stories Podcast

Our Stories Ep. 8 (Kendelle Miller, LCSW, ACM)

Episode Summary

Kendelle Miller is a licensed clinical social worker at Winship Cancer Institute whose work supports patients and families being treated for blood cancers, and may be dealing with blood marrow or stem cells transplant. On this podcast she shares her experiences growing up in Boston under the care of family members who were all committed to work that involved serving others, including teaching and police work (her aunt Sheryll Pichon, retired, was the first black woman promoted to Sergeant in the Boston Police Department), a social worker, as well as the inspiration for her commitment to people whose lives are affected by cancer. Specifics about how Kendelle maintains her own wellness, including practical tips for self-care and giving grace, are highlights of this latest episode of Our Stories podcast!

Episode Notes

Kendelle Miller, LCSW, ACM

Clinical Social Worker
Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University